Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Haunted Historic Landmarks in Chicago area for you and friends to explore all year long.

Two Haunted Historic Landmark Locations in the Chicago land area for you and your family or friends to explore and experience the paranormal all year long.

One being an Orland Park Historic Landmark and Senator's home and the other being a Joliet Historic Landmark Victorian Mansion. Both buildings dating back to the 1800's, both buildings part of their area's Historical Societies. Both buildings having been documented as being haunted by Investigation teams and presented as such in local newspapers and on the Internet.

The Scutt Mansion in Joliet IL,
Since it was built in the 1800's, Two past owners have died at the mansion. At least two documented murders committed inside the mansion. Two children in the building next door found dead after
a fire and one may be the little girl that at times makes it known that she is there.

Spirits tied to the rooms of Victorian Antiques from the furnished basement to the very top floor. A room lined with just dolls dating back to the 1800's looking at you as you enter the doll room. The Pipe Organ Dance Room. Orbs seen in total darkness without flash or lighting and what you feel from room to room, floor to floor and at times what individuals see and hear wandering the halls.

Senator John Humphrey house was built in 1881 and did remain in the family, until his youngest son turned it over to the Orland Park, IL Historical Society. The house was a home to Mr. Humphrey's many children and two wives. The house also was the home to the deaths of some and the wakes, as family members would be waked in the living room of the family home and among the living in the house.

From the upstairs children's playroom to the living room and at times the basement, Spirits have been felt and strange things caught on camera in Senator's Humphrey House, including what many feel is at times is Mr. Humphrey. The Humphrey Family also has a very strong tie to the famous haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. Even some of the Historians wonder out loud if the first Mrs. Humphrey may be the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery?

Both buildings, now homes to Spirits and paranormal activity, are now open for you and your group of family members and friends to explore and experience at night as a group, on a night the building of your choice is not booked. You will first receive a historical tour by the Historians of the building of your choice.

Then Edward Shanahan a Paranormal Spiritual Psychic Feeler will take you on a journey of the paranormal side of the haunted historic location that you desire to explore and experience. Also during the night, Mr. Shanahan will provide for those who bring items of their loved ones who have passed away (rings, watches, reading glasses etc..), he will attempt to do Conscious Channeling for you, to connect with the love ones. This is done as 'Reading In The Round' for all to hear and Mr. Shanahan has been doing this for four years in public and private settings, including Psychic Parties.

The night will end with a Seance performed by Mr. Shanahan and an attempt to make contact with what is possibly beyond the veil at either location or lurking around you.

Edward Shanahan has already been written about in two paranormal books for what he does with his abilities and two more books that are coming out in 2009 will also carry information about him and his finding with the paranormal side of the Chicago land area.

For more details on having an Entertaining Paranormal Night at either haunted historical landmarks or Psychic Party, for six to fourteen individuals, you can contact Edward Shanahan at his web site:

More details on these two locations can be found along with if a group is something you cannot put together, the dates that these two locations are holding paranormal nights that are open to individuals who sign-up in advance, all the details are at: