Friday, August 21, 2009

Chicago Paranormal Newsletter / August Updates.

Hello Readers,

I'm posting the recent newsletter that
was sent out to the Haunted Historic
Locations, subscribers with info on
the Chicago land area. It covers the
Paranormal and Public Psychic Reading
locations in the Chicago area.

You can subscribe at:

Ed Shanahan

Hello Subscribers,

I would like to welcome all the new
Subscribers to the Haunted Historic
Locations Newsletter. Dates and locations
listed below for the Chicago land area.

Also I would like to inform you that this
newsletter also covers the public locations
that I will be doing Readings at.

Let me say here, a very large 'Thank You'
from me (and also Anna of The Stag's Head),
to all who turned out last Saturday for our
night at The Stag's Head and also the
Humphrey House. It was a 'Great' turnout.

I believe many experienced things going
on either in the building or the woods over
at The Stag's Head. Many with their cameras.

Also don't forget to send me photos...

I know a few people had some interesting
stuff (those that the photos remained on
their cameras).

As I said Saturday night, it was like being
back home again, being at The Stag's Head.

A special Thank You to Anna and her staff
at The Stag's Head, and the trouble they went
through to make it comfortable and make it
all work out.

To Lisa, who got her first taste of being on
my left side during my Circle of Energy, yes
it is a bit intense. To Mary and Tina for
providing their knowledge for all to experience.

Also the Humphrey House and the Historians
there, for opening the doors for us that night.

As you know, I did not have a chance to do the
short 'Old Soul / Young Soul readings this night,
I'm sorry about that, but as you seen, I was busy
from start to finish. We will attempt that at a
later date, also planning on going back to
The Stag's Head.. I will inform you of the
date when they are set.

Also anyone interested in a Private Reading,
I will do them for you at The Stag's Head,
as it is only minutes from my home and they
are friendly. Just e-mail me below with your

All the web sites have been up-dated to include
the dates and information that I have right now
for what is coming up.

There are only about 8 spots left for Halloween
Night at the Joliet Mansion. Remember we
also have Saturday Oct. 17th planned.

Also we have: A Haunted Night With Senator
Humphrey and Family on Sept.26th.

And much more, including where I will be doing
public Readings.

Details below...

If you need to e-mail me, do so at
my web site at:

Have a great month.

Ed Shanahan

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday August 23rd
The Unexplained World
Internet Radio Show
9-10pm central @

Scott Grossberg, Master Tarot Reader
and Author of The Masks of Tarot, returns.

Join Annette and I and Mr. Grossberg will
be doing readings for callers.

Public Psychic Readings:
(web page of details):

Thursday August 27th.
Cigars and Stripes
6715 W. Ogden Ave
Berwyn, IL

No set fee, just a gift offering.
This will be my Reading in the
Round, an entertaining night.
7pm - midnight.

I will also do my Conscious Channeling
with items of your loved ones who passed
away (and have been doing it without items).

Sunday August 30th.
Readings at the Victorian
Scutt Mansion. 1pm - 4pm.
206 N. Broadway Street
Joliet, IL 60435

Private Readings and also a
Tour of this Haunted Mansion by
the Historians and a Victorian Tea

Readings are $20 for up to 1/2 hour.
I will also do my Conscious Channeling
with an item of your loved ones who passed
away (and have been doing it without items).

Tour and Tea party is $10 to the Historians.
You do not need to have a reading to do the
tour and tea party. But the readings do require
the tour etc..

The type of readings I do - details at:

Paranormal Dates....

You can see all the details (so far), at:

Each Paranormal date even has it's web page of
full details - so remember to click the link
for the full details on the web page above.

* Sept. 26th - Saturday Night 8pm -11pm or longer.
A Haunted Night with Senator Humphrey and Family.
A Paranormal Experience.

This will include a Séance in the parlor / wake room.
Limited to the amount of people.
Details at:

* Oct. 17th - Saturday Night 8pm - Midnight.
A Night in The Mansion - The Haunted Joliet Mansion.
A Haunted Experience.

This will include a Séance at the end of the night.
Details at:

* Oct. 31st - Saturday Halloween Night. 8pm - Midnight.
1st Halloween Night since the death in the building.

This will be a one of a kind night, reasons why are
explained on the web page.. almost 1/2 full now.
Details at:

All the dates above are now listed on event sites and
no longer just those receiving this newsletter, as in the
past. So reserve your spot and I'm even allowing 1/2
down to do so.

* Both locations above for just you and a group of
friends, min 10 people, you can have either location
just for you and your friends for a Psychic or
Paranormal night at the same price listed on the
web page above. Also includes the Readings etc..

For details - visit the web page:

Just e-mail me if interested at the web site.

* Also booking Psychic House Parties
for Sept and beyond. Visit my web
site for details.
e-mail me if your interested in having one.

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan