Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spirits - are they testing us?

Below you will find what I posted for the 1st time
in 2004, and I still fell as strong about it today
as I did then.

By Edward Shanahan

Hello Friends,

I want to share a thought, maybe even consider
it a message I received. You have free will to
decide what it is.

The spirits or the spirit world. Many are claiming
to see them. There are those who believe some
spirits do not know to cross over, as in either
not knowing their dead, or they are lost. Some
claim that there are evil spirits.

You also have those who use tools to 'prove',
it's a spirit, a ghost or the paranormal, all
words meaning the same.

Now that is all fine and dandy, but here is
something to think about.

What if it is a test? I know your thinking
'A Test?'

Yep - a test.. You see as far as my ' feelings'
and thoughts that have always gone along with
our Amy's internal ' feeling' and knowledge.

I have named Amy our Psychic Feeler do to her
gifted abilities and spiritual background that
have come about do to her knowledge that she
experienced as a child.

The feeling and thoughts are that Ghosts, Spirits,
the Paranormal is a spiritual gift your being
allowed to view and that they are making contact
with you, and you decide and show them by your
actions, what you truly believe by how you handle

But maybe it is a test by the spiritual world of
spirits. Some may call it the Summer land, others
may call it Heaven or other names depending on
their faith and beliefs.

What if it was a test? A test to see how spiritual
we really are here on earth, are we ready to share
a spiritual life after death?

Maybe the spirit world today is testing to see
how far away people have fallen from the actual
spiritual beliefs of such, when the individuals
claim to have a belief.

Let's say:

They show themselves as a test, and you have
people seeking to prove that it was a spirit
with tools other then their internal feelings
and knowledge. So there is a showing of doubt
unless one can prove it with a tool.

They show themselves as a test, and you have
individuals trying to chase them away, thus
showing that the spirit is not welcomed and
also more or less telling the Spirit World
that as a human being, the human is more
powerful then the Spirit World.

They show them selves as a test, and some
people believe they are lost or don't know
their dead (that thought has always baffled
me when I hear it), thus showing the spirit
that one doubts the the spirit of the soul's
knowledge, and so how could one believe
in their own internal soul of knowledge?

They show them selves as a test, one individual
sees the spirit and others will not believe until
they can get tools in there to prove the existence
of such a thing.

Strange as it may be, some have been gifted
the gift of seeing, feeling and actually being
touched by the spirits of the spirit world.

These people do not need any proof as they
feel it in their own soul, a soul like the
soul of the spirit there with them.

The test's will go on, as it is strange some
need the proof and these test are to see who
they are, as many claim to believe in the spiritual,
but yet need the proof of it when it does show
it's self.

And other's have the internal knowledge of
the proof and for them no doubt is given by
the spirit world of their spiritual gifted
internal knowledge. An internal knowledge
gifted to them by the spiritual as we all
have been part of the spirit world as we
have souls.

Strange that the answers have been there for
years, yet more doubt is shown today in the
need to prove then to believe in.

Just something to think about from me.

Edward Shanahan
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