Friday, May 1, 2009

Chicago Paranormal / Psychic Dates - May

Hello Subscribers,

Ed Shanahan here and this is the
May 2009 newsletter: Haunted
Historic Locations.

I would like to welcome the new

I would like to thank all who have had
me out to their house parties during
the last month and to those who came
out to the Joliet Mansion for the
Victorian Tea Party and my readings
in the Victorian Parlor.

Below you will find what is going

Have a great weekend and month.

Ed Shanahan

In this newsletter:

* New shows on Paranormal TV 24/7
for the month of May.

* Sunday night's Internet radio broadcast
of The Unexplained World - Chaos Magick.

* Returning to the Joliet, IL Haunted
Victorian Mansion for Psychic Readings
and joining me ....

* Haunted Insane Asylum is coming,
join Ursula and I and this may be the
night that I may encounter more then ...
And hear what one expects may happen..

* Telekinesis / Energy Control video.

* New Photos of Annette and I.

* Entertaining Psychic Parties.

> New shows on Paranormal TV 24/7
for the month of May on The Unexplained
World. The month of May brings some real
good paranormal videos from locations
around the world and some great shows
like Haunted Historic Hollywood.

Also some clips that may be a little disturbing
for some are playing, as I came across the
movie and show some clips from it, the movie
that was banned in the USA in 1932 when it
came out, it's called 'Freaks'.

You can see the whole list of programs and
watch the shows (over 7 hours) at:

Remember we have the On-Demand section
that you can actually pick the program you
want to view and are from last month, April.

> Sunday night's Internet radio broadcast
of The Unexplained World - Chaos Magick.
Sunday May 3rd. 9pm central time at:

Author Andrieh Vitimus, author of Hands
On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation
Through the Ovayki Current. It has been
the number 1 best selling book on Amazon
US in the category of Alchemy, 2nd in Magick
several times since its release. It is a tour
through the underpinnings of magick.

You can set a reminder for yourself at the
web site:

> Returning to the Joliet, IL Victorian
Haunted Mansion for Psychic Readings
and joining me to do readings will be

Sunday May 31st, 1pm to 4 pm or longer.
There will be the Victorian Tea Party all
day and I will be doing my readings there
in the Victorian Parlor. The Joliet Scutt

I will be doing my readings of Palm Readings
and One on One Psychometry Readings and
readings of items of your loved ones who have
passed away.

Joining me this day will be Jenelle. She
does Pendulum, Runes and Spirit Board
Readings and is experienced and has
participated with me in the past.

Fee for the Victorian Tea Party is $10 per
person (can participate in Tea Party without
having a reading done). Readings are just
$20 per Reader (those having readings will
also be part of the Tea Party).

The address for the Joliet, IL Victorian
Mansion, The Scutt Mansion - is:
206 North Broadway Street, Joliet, IL

More details at:

> Haunted Insane Asylum Overnight is coming.
Saturday June 13 to Sunday the 14th.

Join Ursula Bielski and me for this one of a kind
Beyond the Veil at the Bartonville Insane Asylum
in Peoria, IL.

We have a daylight video tour of location and I just
added the Internet radio interview Annette and I had
on our show with J.C. Harris who assists running
the location. If you have not heard it yet, I
suggest that you go to our web page and under
the video tour you will hear the interview and what
Mr. Harris is expecting may happen to me on this
night because of my abilities. You can hear it and
view the video at:

Also you can sign-up to participate with Ursula
Bielski and I, along with the others who will be
participating with us at this one of a kind location.

All I can say is what I'm feeling as time gets
closer to this night. This may be a night of picking
up all kinds feelings from the many spirits, deaths
and those who where the Incurable Insane and
knew no other home then the Insane Asylum.
I've experienced many places, some like the
Villisca Axe Murder House I could not only feel
but seen in my mind what happened.

One location in the Chicago area that I can not
call by name here, I was hit by all the emotions
of the dead and living and they hit me from
all directions all at one time and was never
ending and actually pushed me against the
wall as I was being hit from all directions by
the emotional feelings in the place of the
Spirits and the living. So I'm just wondering
what this place holds for me and maybe
all of those who attend.

Michelle who is a Spirit Seer will be joining
me and Ursula on this night, as will the
LAPS Investigation Team. We will also
have Ursula's Ghost Box with us on this

Again details can be found at:

> Telekinesis / Energy Control video.
Many individuals at house parties and on
paranormal tours have seen me do what
I do with Dowsing Rods. I have put together
a video that shows the very first time I tried
telekinesis / energy control and the most
recent demonstration of it at the Scutt
Mansion in Joliet, now you can view it at:

> New Photos of Annette and I.
Feel free to take a peek and see
who has a new look - at:

> Entertaining Psychic Parties.

The dates are booking up, June is now
full for most weekends.

With Spring and Summer here, this
allows for what was enjoyable last year,
Readings being done outdoors during
the house parties.

Also Annette and I have been booked
for house parties in N.W. Indiana, and
if your in that area and would like both
Annette (Past Lives and Tarot Readings),
and I to entertain your party guests with
our readings or have me out (I have
traveled as far as N.W. IL subs), for
more information go to my web
site at: