Monday, March 17, 2008

Upcoming Dates: Paranormal, Readings & Radio.

Readings - Paranormal - Radio ..
Hello Friends,

Well it finally has been blue skies and sunny here in the Chicagoland area.
And above freezing.

Annette and I have some interesting authors coming on our broadcast.
Next Sunday the 23rd of March at 9pm central time will be author:
Michelle Belanger of the books: "Psychic Dreamwalking",
"The Psychic Vampire Codex", "The Psychic Energy Codex"
and " Vampires in Their Own Words".

You can set a reminder at the web page now (or listen to our
last show that was about and also performed live - Chakra
Readings), just go to the web page:
Readings / Locations:
Monday April 7th / 5pm - 9pm
I will be doing readings at
Champs in Burbank, IL
6501 W. 79th St.Burbank, IL 60459

From Palm readings to readings of items
from Loved Ones who have passed away.
No Set fees - just a gift offering of your choice.
Thursday April 24th / 7pm - 11pm
Cigar & Stripes in Berwyn, IL.
6715 W. Ogden Ave.Berwyn, IL 60402

Same as in Burbank, but done on a stage in
front of an audience and some humor thrown
in when not doing reading.

Paranormal locations for Beyond the Veil...
Well the time is getting closer to the coming of
new locations and experiences. This year I'm
looking forward too as Ursula Bielski, Chicago's
top author on the Paranormal, has already set-up
locations that I'm looking forward to being at and
doing my Circle of Energy, and to go deeper to
bring out even more Spirit experiences for those
who attend.

The locations:
* Humphrey House - April 26th - private group night / filled.
* Villisca Axe Murder House - May 3rd, is filled.
* Ashmore Estates overnight at the abandoned mental institution
in Ashmore, Illinois, - June 21st - already some spaces have been
requested, still more open, don't miss this one.
* Humphrey House - July 26th - all spaces open and limited.
* Mansfield Reformatory overnight, in Mansfield, Ohio: notoriously
haunted state prison and filming site of the Shawshank Redemption!
This will be held on November 8th. Some spaces have been requested,
still more open.
* Villisca Axe Murder House - contact Ursula (below), for this
'New' upcoming date.
* Camp Chesterfield Spiritualist Camp - contact Ursula below
for more information on date for this location.

This is just some of the haunted locations. Also for the first time
at each of the haunted locations during my Circle of Energy, Ursula
will place in the middle of the Circle, a ghost box, this is by request
of me. As I'm interested in testing it to see if the spirits you will
experience during the Circle can actually come across through the
Ghost Box. We will have enough locations to test it and see what
the results will be and my personal feelings about it and the claims
about it.

As I've said, I plan on taking my self deeper during the Circle of Energy,
as I had the experience of doing so at our last outing last year near
Starved Rock, and no one was disappointed with me doing so.
Plus Ursula works with those who attend, using paranormal tools and
your welcome to bring yours to these locations.

For more information, just e-mail Ursula Bielski at:
or e-mail here from my web page at:

Also most likely I will be doing some readings at the haunted locations -
bring items of loved ones who passed away. Other locations coming soon,
including Indiana.

Well Friends, that is about it from my end, remember our web sites are:

Also the new web page with haunted locations / dates for
Beyond the Veil should be coming soon, until then just e-mail

Happy Hauntings,
Ed Shanahan