Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prayers Needed, feel free to ask.

Hello Friends,

A week from this Sunday, on Sunday the 27th,
we are having a very special broadcast.
It will be about Healing Miracles.

This is a subject very close to my heart, as
I have seen what doctors call a Miracle,
more then once and this is something
I truly believe in without any doubts.

Individuals have come to our Yahoo Group
and asked for prayers as a Miracle was needed.
One being Patti from Mystic Investigations,
for her grandchild.

A few times I have escorted individuals to the grave
site of the Miracle Child here in the Chicago land area
and I have a tribute web page and video to the Miracle
Child on my web site for:
The Unexplained World.

The shrine to the Miracle Child has grown by the
many, many visitors that have gone there for hope,
beyond what is shown inthe video I posted over a
year ago.

We will be taking calls during the broadcast from
individuals who they or a love one need a Healing Miracle,
and that is why I stated in the subject area that Prays
are needed, in the power of having you there listening
and praying for the callers who may call.

I believe in the power of group praying, and have seen
the Miracles come about and that is also my belief on part
of what is behind laying of hands to heal. It will be explained
more on the broadcast
Sunday night Jan. 27th at 9pm central time
@ Our Internet Radio Broadcast

You can go there now to have a reminder sent to you
for the night of the broadcast if you go to the web page now.

Also on this night and discussing with Annette and I,
Healing Miracles, will be our guest DeilfĂ­n.

I wanted to get this out early, as some are very spiritual
and also know many who are.

Also there are those who know individuals who may need
a healing miracle, this is sent to give you time to contact
them for this special broadcast.


Edward Shanahan
Edward's web site