Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why the Chicago paranormal for a Chicago Psychic Medium Spirit Feeler?

by Edward Shanahan

The subject of my affiliation with the paranormal field was recently a topic directed toward me. For those who remember my spoken words, or have read my two e-books, I have many times over the 13 years of being a public psychic medium, one way or another, stated 'why I do what I do.

The Chicago paranormal field is something that I am a part of. I say the word 'something' as I do not know if anyone has yet determined what the Chicago paranormal field actually is. That is a whole subject in and of itself that I'd rather hold onto for later, and write about based on how the mood strikes me.

 The reason I am a part of the Chicago paranormal field is not to chase ghosts, or prove that spirits are out there among us. The proof has been there longer than I have been alive. The reason I do what I do, is because it was told to me in a Spirit dream message. As a payback for a healing miracle of a loved one, the message I received was to show individuals that there is a Spiritual World. A tough thing to do.

As a part of my paranormal (spiritual) nights, I attempt to raise the Spirits, and have the Spirits interact with those who participate in my Circle of Energy and seances that end the evening. I could make my Circle of Energy and seances at haunted locations real easy by sitting at the table and saying this spirit or that spirit is here. Any one can pull that off. And, like a Psychic Pet Reader....who can disprove what is being said? I raised the bar on what I do and how I do it, so that individuals can have the opportunity to actually experience it themselves.

It becomes a supernatural experience for the individuals that goes beyond the norm, and hopefully to an experience they would consider to be a part of the Spirit World. For this reason, paranormal nights to me are actually Spiritual Nights.

It also seems that the Spirit World is a willing participant with me at the many different locations I have participated at. There are never a shortage of Spirits calling out my name through the many different paranormal tools used in the field. The Ghost Box and Echovox have even been known to call out my name when I have been in different rooms at a location.

So, the final words in this article about why I do it what I do - It is all Spiritual. I provide the avenue for a Spirit Connection and the gaining of knowledge for individuals by way of a personal experience through what I do.

May you be watched over and guided by your loved ones in the Spirit World.

Edward Shanahan
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