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Chicago area Paranormal Conference Oct. 6th & 7th 2012 more then just speakers and for the general public's interest

Chicago area 2012 Paranormal Conference Oct 6th and 7th for the general public's interest.

 Many paranormal conferences are geared toward just those in the paranormal field (should be called conventions), and Chicago is no exception to having it's share. The general public if they do come out (price plays a factor and how one can tell who it is directed toward), usually has to sit through a list of speakers who are peddling their latest book about haunted areas and locations that usually do not pertain to the Chicago land area (in many cases the speakers are not even from the Chicago land area), thus leaving the general public with nothing more to do if at all interested. I admit it can be interesting if your in the field (to figure out how to write a different type of book or do it different then what ever the speaker may do), and I have participated in a couple but I also missed the interaction with the general public also.

The general public interests me because of what they may have experienced as they are not trying to sell a book and so I do not have to worry about any 'paranormal hype'. Some conferences will even have a magician or two performing magic tricks like mind reading or telling ghostly stories with hocus pocus tricks thrown in.

This to me kind of kills the 'take us seriously' part a paranormal conference is trying or should be trying to get across. Anyone who has heard Chris Angel or Penn (from Penn and Teller), speak about the paranormal as with majority of Magicians (known name performers), they do not take the paranormal / ghosts etc. as something that is real.

Even here in Chicago a building that is supposed to be haunted, a Magician said a few years back he never experienced anything there and he doubts that it is haunted. It also does not help that the magic performing field suppliers are now creating paranormal tools that those with an interest in magic along with the general public can get their hands on and these gadgets (emf meters etc.), spirit slates, spirit bells etc., will do their hocus pocus stuff at paranormal investigations. One has to keep an eye out for this stuff to know what is what.

Saturday Oct. 6th and Sunday Oct. 7th 2012 - a Chicago area Paranormal Conference directed toward the general public as a whole. 
The Palos Park Paranormal Conference is directed toward the general public as a whole as it is being hosted, sponsored and promoted by the Palost Park Recreation Dept; and is only $10 per person to come out and enjoy the day at the conference.
For details visit: Palos Park Paranormal Conference.

Location: 8901 W. 123rd St, Palos Park, IL. The location is surrounded by Chicago's most haunted areas that include Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Resurrection Cemetery, resting place of Resurrection Mary, The Miracle Child's Grave Site, Willow Springs, IL and many more.
The conference will consist of vendors, speakers and demonstrations.
There will be speakers on UFO's, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Ghost Hunting, Trance Channeling, Fortune Telling with Mirrors, some of the areas Haunted History and how to use sound to defend yourself against attack from this side and the other.

A Special VIP package which includes a banquet with the celebrities, either a ghost tour the S.W. Side's famous 'Richard Crowe Ghost Tour' that his sister will be running or a ghost hunt tour at Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Park, IL with the Historical Society telling you the historic history and Edward Shanahan telling you the paranormal experience history and full access to all the speakers both days.

This is also one of the rare public locations that I will be doing readings for the general public on both days along with speaking about my lifetime of living in the area of the Chicago land areas most haunted location and my experiences with them. Also the Spirit Feelers who assist on my Chicago Paranormal Nights will be on hand both days. Saturday will be the mother and daughter team of Stacie and Toni. Sunday will bring out Nichole Shanahan and Michelle.

I know locations are haunted as do the couple of thousands who have participated in what I provide in the Chicago land area and other surrounding states for over twelve years now and have experienced places like Bachelors Grove Cemetery going back to 1975 when it was active along with what I write about be in book form or the hundred of articles I have written are about actual experiences I have had at the locations with the general public being witness to those experiences, so there are no doubts about it.

Enjoy the days Oct. 6th and 7th 2012 at Palos Park Paranormal Conference

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