Sunday, June 17, 2012

Talking glass Spirit Board set up and results

by Edward Shanahan

Last night at the Slated Lady in Joliet, IL - I set up the Victorian type talking board using a glass and letters / numbers printed out on blank business cards. Individuals used it during what would be considered the same type of session done for EVP's.

The individuals (3) controlling it, were part of a private group paranormal night. The set-up was very, very active with responses, dates etc.. The individuals in the group switched off using it, so it was not always the same 3 controlling it. I threw out a major question, I asked 'is it Easy E controlling it?" it responded yes!

View photo of this type of setup as presented by Museum of Talking Boards.

I gave this spirit the nickname of Easy E - as it comes across easily and it also comes across as being evil.

Then my daughter Nichole asked what the real name of 'Easy E' is - it spelled out Victor for the individuals controlling it and also stated he died in 1857 was from Chicago and has been involved in my past lives. So then the individuals used Easy E as the spirit communicator as was done at the Haunted Willow Creek Farm (Sandra was channeling at the farm during my Circle of Energy Seance), to get responses to their questions about love ones. Funny thing was that it would once in awhile throw out as a response to some of my questions like it was doing at the farm ' MAYBE'..

Someone asked me on Facebook if I thought this invited evil spirit in? My response and has been that for years now is:

I am so baffled by the evil spirit stuff of thoughts.... Remember = paranormal investigations is nothing more then a modern day seance.... Think about it.. All that is trying to be accomplished using tools etc... the same as with a seance, talking board etc.... just depends on the tool, be it human or a gadget. Evil Spirits? Sure the one I talk about is one, but I have a very strong belief in my higher power and this is what the bible states: Satan cannot force us against our will or possess us: 1 Cor 10:13 and nothing is more evil then Satan... This would go along with anyone who has a belief in a Higher Power, if it is strong then you are protected.

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