Friday, December 16, 2011

Extreme Seance Video with Chicago Psychic Medium at 2011 Chicago PKC

Extreme Seance Video with Chicago Psychic Medium at 2011 Chicago PKC.
by Edward Shanahan.

This event was not my regular Chicago Paranormal Night. I offered to hold my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’ at the location as part of the 2011 Chicago Paranormal Kicks Cancer Fundraiser and to end the day. The thing about it, the location was a Holiday Inn and a location not known at all for any hauntings, even though some of the staff said there has been some activity there.

 Those participating were not the general public, but actually the top Paranormal Investigators and Spiritual People who participated in the Fundraiser and even a Paranormal Investigator from the paranormal TV show 'Paranormal Cops'.

I knew then, the individuals never participated in one of my Circle of Energy Seances, they all knew about it, but yet my audience for this demonstration were individuals who anything less then a paranormal experience, would not do or satisfy them. My Circle of Energy Seance, would really need to be something beyond what they were accustomed to as Paranormal Investigators.

It was beyond even what I had hoped for and the Spirit World did not let me down and the reason why I call what you see in the video below, an Extreme Seance.

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