Friday, January 7, 2011

Video: Ghost Box in use and responses at haunted Chicago paranormal location

Video: Ghost Box in use and responses at haunted Chicago paranormal location
by Edward Shanahan

The video you will view (follow link below), was shot in the spring of 2008 (as you will hear questions pertaining to Hillary and Obama and the answers from the ghost box and who would even win), of a paranormal date we had at a haunted mansion in Joliet, IL. The video was taped by LAPS and posted in 2009. 
On this video at 5:42 into the video, you will see and hear individuals using a Ghost Box and the responses received in 2008. The ghost box being used in the video is the one owned by Ms. Ursula Beilski. The Ghost Box session started with me and then others joined in asking questions. A Ghost Box can be an interesting tool that individuals can use and many receive results from using.
* View the video at: Haunted America Tours
For 2011, I have purchased and will have a ghost box for individuals to use on my Chicago Paranormal Nights and I will assist them in using it. The different ghost boxes that I have come across in the past have responded well to my use and I look forward to having one with us now at all times at our haunted historic locations paranormal nights.
For dates on future Chicago Paranormal Nights at haunted historic locations or having your own private paranormal night for you and your friends with every paranormal night ending in a séance, visit the web page of dates and locations at:
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