Monday, November 15, 2010

Get your Free App with GPS tour Chicago areas paranormal Haunted Archer Avenue - Free Ghost Tour Locations

Free App with GPS - a tour of Haunted Archer Ave.

New and came out on Hallow's Eve and would make a nice 'Free' gift that lasts for ever:

FREE App with GPS with also an audio tour guide, photos for reference of nearly 20 paranormal stops for 'Drive Haunted Archer Avenue Tour ' and includes surrounding areas.

The nice thing is - you can be 100 miles away from Chicago and this App with the GPS will guide you right to the very first stop, a Resurrection Mary Haunt in Justice, IL, and to each stop afterward.

Each stop has an audio tour guide of information for when you arrive at the stop along with photo for location reference.

It is free, meaning the tour is free and at your own pace, some locations others do not take you too, as I have lived all my many years within 10 minutes of these locations.

Just go to either the Apple or iTune App store and do a quick search for: Geotrio Tours, once you download it for free, the Drive Haunted Archer Ave Tour, will be there.

Geotrio Tours came to me the earlier part of this year to create this and I did, my way of saying Thank You to everyone and allowing individuals to experience and explore the tour locations for free, at your own pace.

Chicago Paranormal Nights to explore and experience
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