Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chicago paranormal night experience by one at the haunted The Stag's Head with Edward Shanahan

Saturday February 13th 2010 was the date Edward Shanahan a Psychic Spirit Feeler, set for a limited amount of individuals to explore and experience a paranormal night that included a Seance to finish this paranormal night at the documented to be haunted ' The Stag's Head ' in Willow Springs, IL.

Below you will find the letter recently received by one who explored and experienced on this paranormal night.

This building that is known as being one that was once owned by Al Capone and today stands as an Irish Pub. The night started with all sitting down for an Irish meal that during that time included mini palm readings for everyone by Shanahan. A discussion of local area paranormal hauntings with Chicago paranormal author Ms. Ursula Bielski, who joined Edward Shanahan on this night.

Once the meal was finished, Shanahan started the tour of the building for the individuals, from the basement that holds many secrets to the attic and describing what he felt in the past and present on the different levels. His experiences have been documented in two paranormal books that the authors included Shanahan's paranormal experiences of the past at the location and history of the building in their books. The investigation team Prairie State Paranormal, provided the knowledge of tools and investigating for those exploring the different levels and rooms of the building.

Then came the part of the paranormal night that Shanahan enjoys, providing a seance for those attending, so they can experience the Spirit World. Edward Shanahan does not do the typical medium seance, his goal is to go deep to have the Spirits interact with those attending, for the individuals to feel, sense and experience the Spirits. A Medium can say anything, but the true experience Shanahan believes is for those attending any of his Paranormal Nights, to let the individuals expereince the Spirits and the letter below is from one of many who did so on this paranormal night.

Comment from February 2010 - Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Stag's Head in Willow Springs, IL

"Hello Edward, I was the girl sitting to your left at the seance. First of all, I had an incredible evening. I mentioned to you after the seance that I organize tours in my town of Rockford, Illinois. I have also traveled the country visiting haunted sites from St. Augustine to the Whaley house in San Diego.

I also need to mention that I have had "feelings" at some of these sites, you know where the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? But really haven't had any experiences to write about.

I can say with all honestly, I got a little more than that. I am not sure if that night was just an ordinary night for you. Do you usually get such a strong response?

I want to repeat again that I have never experienced anything like this in my 10 years of traveling to haunted places, working with psychics, and researching people's stories.

I am awed by this experience and even though I work with a couple of psychics who I feel are legitimate, I was very impressed by your ability. I also hope that I might be able to communicate with you to help me understand what happened to me.

I could feel the power of that group and maybe it was.just a fluke thing and it will never happen again. Or maybe you helped me tap into something that didn't even knew existed with in me.

Of course it would be my luck to tap into a man like the one last night. I couldn't have contacted some little old lady who knitted.

Thank you so much for an incredible evening. I am sure I will be attending more events in the future. Maybe you could visit somewhere a little tamer next time? (I am only half serious) ".

Sincerely, Kathi Kresol ( the above post is a portion of the whole letter )

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