Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paranormal investigation at house in Chicago suburb last night

by Edward Shanahan

Last nights at the vacant home in S.W. Suburb with the LAPS investigation team, I ended up investigating with them for a while as the readings they where getting was off the wall 15.3 to 17.00 with the EMF tools when I would take the tool, and let my self be guided to areas in the different rooms and made requests of the spirits.

The highest readings came when I tapped in to the fact there was a child there and I started talking to it. No negatives spirits, all was video taped in darkness as no flash or lights where used. Also the child was not from the house, as where the other spirits (Cherry pipe tobacco smelled, perfume etc..) as I have a full belief Spirits have no or walls, and I usually draw children and I'm now thinking that may stem back to the healing miracle my granddaughter received and is what the doctors called it.

Also the owner of the house popped an item of her mothers who passed away, on me to read, the mother's ashes.. The conscious channeling reading went well, right down to the name of the grandmother's name who also passed away and telling the owner they brought her mother a scooter right before she passed away.. Also a very funny part of the night, was when I got spooked big time, to the point Manny from LAPS was laughing so hard, he had tears. I stayed a lot longer then I planned, but once you tap in to something, it's hard to leave.

Edward Shanahan

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