Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haunted Archer Avenue - video tour of the area's haunted locations

Haunted Archer Avenue - video tour
by Edward Shanahan

The video below was done one day when I decided
to just pull out the camera and jump in the
car and go video tape the haunted locations
on the historic paranormal road known as
Archer Avenue, to give individuals the chance
to view the locations that they may have just
read about.

I have been published in three paranormal
books do to my knowledge of the locations
shown here on the video, as I have lived all
my life within 5 minutes of haunted Archer
Avenue, S.W. of Chicago.

It also includes the Grimes Sisters haunted
location along with Resurrection Mary haunts,
Al Capone's haunted building, haunted
cemeteries, haunted woods and more.


Edward Shanahan - Chicago Paranormal Spirit
Observer / Psychic.

Haunted Historic Locations - in Chicago area
to explore and experience the Haunted Historic

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