Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Public Psychic Readings with Shanahan in Chicago area

Edward Shanahan has been
written about in two recently released Paranormal books, 'Ghosts - Coast to Coast' and also in Chicago's Top Paranormal author, Ms. Ursula Beilski's new 'Chicago Haunts 3' book, bringing the total of books to four that have had authors write about Shanahan.

He has been in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune's Red Eye Newspaper 'Best Bet' section, Time Out Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune's Weekend section, Southtown Star Newspaper, News Harold Newspapers, WTTW TV, Orland Park Prairie Newspaper and other local papers. Listed on City Psychics - Chicago

During the Month of October, Edward Shanahan will be doing Public Readings for individuals and not charging a 'Set Fee', just accepting gift offerings, at the three locations in the Chicago land area.

The Dates and Locations:

Psychic Parties...
Edward is happy to say the requests have been so well for him to do Entertaining Psychic Parties, that the ones he could not accept in October, because he is already booked on a requested date, Annette (his co-host on The Unexplained World, Internet radio show), has accepted to do them, as he has suggested her as a Reader, if he has already been booked for a requested date.

Shanahan is now accepting dates for November and Beyond for Psychic Parties.

Also if there is an interest in having both Annette and Edward to do Readings together in N.W. Indiana and South / S.W. Chicago area, it is possible.

With the Holidays coming up and Holiday Parties, Corporate parties etc.. give a thought to having either Edward or both Annette and Edward doing your party, from suit and tie to toga's if it's a party.

They have done Readings in lounges to doing them in homes and Shanahan doing his 'Readings In The Round' on stage and in homes.

Also New Years Eve is a possibility if there is an interest.

Web site with info about Psychic
Parties can be found at: