Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spend a Spiritual Night in N.W. Indiana with Annette and Ed Shanahan

Opening Up with A Walk On The Spiritual Side.
A very special night at a very Spiritual Location.

Saturday - May 9th / 8pm - ???
A Full Moon Night

Annette, a High Priestess
Ed Shanahan, a Spiritual Feeler.

This will be a night at the Indiana Dunes area (20 minutes from IL
border), that Annette and I will assist individuals in opening up their
ability to feel and sense Spirits, while walking through a wooded area
known for it's spiritual side.

We will be walking through the historic woods along the Ft. Dearborn
Trail in NW Indiana. Along our path we'll visit the site of the first
trading post established in the area where the local Native American
tribes dealt peacefully with the settlers.

We'll see the actual home and outbuildings of that trader's family as
well as their elevated private cemetery featuring an over 20' cross at
it's center. This cemetery is believed to have originally been a Native
American burial ground to which the family was invited to lay their dead.

Come learn the history of these early residents and become entwined
in their spirit as we open ourselves to them and their lands.

This area Annette knows very well, as it is in the area that she
lives in and is no stranger to the location or it's history.

Those who sign up for this May 9th night, will receive directions
to Annette's home as that is the location that we will meet and more
information on this special location. Also Michelle may be joining us
on this night.

This night is reserved for only 12 individuals,
and some have already signed up. We will set
another date once this one is full.

The fee is only $25 per person

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