Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paranormal TV - is up and running 24/7

Hello Friends,

After much work, Paranormal TV from The Unexplained World is up and running 24/7 on the Internet with live broadcasts also coming soon. This is something that I had done on cable TV back in 2003 (before Paranormal was the thing to do on TV), in the Chicagoland area.

Go To: Paranormal TV 24/7

I have also added something I'm willing to do for those in the Spiritual / Paranormal field.
(A) - showcase your videos on the Paranormal channel.
(B) - showcase a link to your web site, and it runs at the bottom of the TV screen.
(C) - create a link to your site from our web page for Paranormal TV.

What you would do:
(a) - To get your video on the TV, e-mail me on where I can find it. Or up load it to You Tube to make it easier on both of us and e-mail the address. In exchange I ask that you either create a link to the web page of actually just put the TV on your web site (keeps people at your site as we have many shows already playing). I will also link to your site on the bottom of the screen.

(b) - To have a link to your web site running on the bottom of the screen, just host the TV screen on your web site and send me an e-mail of the web site address.

(c) - to have a link on our web page, all you have to do is create a TEXT link to our web page and have the link on your page say: Paranormal TV - 24/7.

It's all that easy and you can get the code to put on your site by just clicking on the {embed} that you will see at the bottom of the TV screen.

Well that is about it for now,


Ed Shanahan