Monday, February 16, 2009

Ghost Box in use - video here / Haunted Chicago area mansion.

Hello Friends,

I just viewed a nicely done video by Chicago's Latin
American Paranormal Society (LAPS), and it is below
and also on my web sites.

I invited them out to the Haunted Joliet Scutt Mansion,
along with the Indiana paranormal group IGT and
before them Kenosha Paranormal managed by Candy.
As I wanted it confirmed that there was paranormal activity
at the location before I or Ursula Bielski and I would bring
groups out to the location.

What you will see below is the video put together by LAPS
(I've had them out to the location twice), their findings and
also our use of the Ghost Box that was given to Ursula
Bielski and that we bring with us on our Beyond the Veil

I've always said the Ghost Box is an interesting item, you
will see how it's used by us at the mansion and you'll hear
the responses. I never use it for any of my readings (nor
have it with me), nor to contact individuals loved ones, as
I've always state that it is an interesting item to use at a
location, but not an item I would tie one's emotions too.

For information on other locations we will be going to - like
the haunted Insane Asylum in Peoria IL, go to the web site -
Haunted Historic Locations

We also have a monthly newsletter we send out from
the web site to subscribers.

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan

Below is the video

Ghost Box in Use - Haunted Chicago Area Mansion. - These bloopers are hilarious