Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stronger the psychic readings & last nights haunted location

Hello Friends,

Last night as always, the individuals who came out to
the Historical home, Senator John Humphrey House
for our Beyond the Veil, where a joy to be with.

They had nice experiences with working with Ursula and
having hands on experience working with the paranormal
tools we brought out with us.

The readings of the items of loved ones who have
passed, bringing much happiness for the people who
I give the readings for, and in many cases much
stronger readings have been coming about.

In this type of situation the readings are what I call
public readings, with the approval of the individual
who brought an item of the loved one, I give a reading
for all to hear what I'm saying. This is also done at
Cigars & Stripes, the location in Berwyn that I was
at Thursday night. This way all become involved in
some way, be it other family members present or
just those just interested in the readings, and it
also puts me at a level of doing it for all to hear.

Last night the readings of the loved one's items is
are the only readings I did and were done in the
living room where the majority of the Humphrey
Family were waked (back in that time, many
families waked their loved ones in their home).

Then it came to a point last night with the last reading,
those listening in were moved by what was described,
as I described what was put in the coffin of the loved
one who passed away and how it was put in there
with the love one.

It was very moving for the person I did the reading for,
and moving for others who were sitting or standing
around listening, for some on a different level.

Then we moved to doing my 'Circle of Energy'.

It was a very enjoyable night and Thank You to all
who came out.

Next Saturday eve (May 3rd) we will be broadcasting
live on our Internet radio broadcast from the Villisca Axe
Murder House, at 9:30 pm central time. Annette will
be running the controls for the broadcast. This Beyond
The Veil overnighter has been filled since 2007.
You can set a reminder for your self at our broadcast
web page @
The Unexplained World - Internet Radio Broadcast

Then Sunday night (4th) Mr. David Kump is back one
our broadcast, talking about UFO's Aliens, Grays and
more @ 9:00 pm Central time.

Monday May 5th, I will be doing one on one personal
readings and readings of items of loved ones who passed
away, at Champs in Burbank, IL from 5:30 pm to 9 pm.
6501 W. 79th St, Burbank, IL 60459

For more of our Paranormal and Psychic dates / locations,
go to:

Chicago Paranormal and Psychic Readings dates and locations

I have made a new discovery of another haunted public
location that looks like we be bringing the public to in
the near future to experience it (the Humphrey House is
one of mine unknown findings) and setting up other
locations also in for the future.

Happy Hauntings and a great week ahead for you.

Ed Shanahan
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