Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tuesday Night - The Unexplained World broadcast.

Tuesday September 1st,
8pm central time at:

What do you want to talk about?
We will, just call in and join Annette and Edward
for their 'Not On Sunday Night Broadcast' of The
Unexplained World.

This will be an addition to our regular Sunday show,
but without booking guests on these shows, as it is
you who will be the guest with us.

Plus we are open to allowing bands and singers to
showcase a song on the program.

Open lines, ask or tell us about your experience with
the paranormal or supernatural, or just join us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Video Tour.

Hello Visitors,

The World can now view a tour of the haunted historic Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. My name is Edward Shanahan and this is an un-edited video that I shot back in 2003 and it is below this article about Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

Since posted in 2006 - it has had over 44,000 views. Plus some surprises of what I captured can be seen on the video - here are the comments left by visitors on the host page for the video:

ghost house
near the end of the video, after the well hole, as he pans around you can see the ghost house he is taking about--just before he focuses on the fire pit.
By ripleye2

Ghost house:
I saw the ghost house too - when he pans to the left by the fire pit you can see it and then again more solid when he pans back to the right.
By dmva

House at:
You can see the house at 15:11 and 15:34.. that's f...... awesome
By Wild Car

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery has become a Paranormal Tour Stop or a Paranormal Attraction right outside of Chicago for those with an interest in Ghosts, legends, the paranormal or just a day out for some spooky fun at a spooky place to wander around. As you will see on the video here, there is much more to wander around, then just the cemetery section.

The cemetery is under the supervision and responsibility of the Cemetery Trustees of the Cook County Board. Through intergovernmental agreements, maintenance of the cemetery is now shared with the Cook County Forest Preserve District. The history of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery (including the above), can be found at and was written by Brad L. Bettenhausen, President of the Tinley Park Historical Society.

I have always said "If you are a Tax Payer in Cook County, the location is as much yours to visit and tour as it is for anyone else". In all reality, I believe the Cook County Forest Preserve District should turn it into a 'registered' tourist location and even go as far as charging an admission for night tours (as that would be it's biggest draw).

But it has to be run by one in the world of business or one who knows how to run a business dealing with the paranormal and general public, not a paranormal investigator or paranormal team, as the wrong person or team could end up feeling he / they own Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, just because they oversee it's operation, and that would not be true as stated in the paragraph above.

Also written by Brad L. Bettenhausen, President of the Tinley Park Historical Society: Periodically, families with ancestors buried at Bachelor Grove had the bodies moved to other cemeteries, that were more prestigious, closer to where they lived, or where there was more room for future family members.
The cemetery's isolated location and vandalism of more recent years also compelled some families to move relatives to other cemeteries.

That has always made me wonder, how many are actually still buried there, if any? As part of the vandalism had to also do with grave robbers. For that reason I'm a firm believer in leaving Mother Nature take back what was once hers, and as you look at the video and see the trees that have broken down the fence, the trees seem to just topple over with their roots even still showing and collapse the fence around the cemetery, I think Mother Nature is winning. It also seems that some people, as one person called it, have done a "Rape and Pillage' of the nature at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

I've been told that there seems to have been pesticides used on flowers and plant life in the area, some of the trees have been spray painted (I've seen that), tree limbs cut (I've seen photos from a so called 'clean-up' a couple years back and a guy was holding a gas run tree trimmer in his hands), signs of areas cut down to make pathways for easier navigation and more. This kind of activity should be stopped, as it abuses nature and the grounds, that is one of the reasons I feel it would be good for the location to become a 'registered historic tourist attraction' run by the Cook County Forest Preserve as mentioned earlier in this article.

I have been involved in a Historical Society that took a group there, and at other times I have had individuals meet me and we track out to the location and beyond, usually once a year I do this, and this year it was with the people from the Bachelor's Grove Cemetery forum at the Bachelors web site at: A great group of individuals there and most likely the largest group forum about Bachelor's Grove with over 700 members. So there usually is no problem in finding others with an interest in venturing out to Bachelors Grove on any given weekend, all you have to do is post and ask.

They are not an Investigation Team, no-member dues etc.. just a nice group of individuals interested in the Paranormal and Supernatural besides just Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. The web site is owned by an individual who I gave the name of 'Mr. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery', for the fact of the number of individuals that visit his web site and are members of his forum. The owner is Mr. John Stephenson.

We even had Mr. Bachelor's Grove, John Stephenson as a guest on my Internet radio show 'The Unexplained World' and he talked with Annette and I about the location, his findings and more. You can hear or download the re-broadcast of the show here 'The Unexplained World' and it's an hour of information and history.

I for one ventured back into Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, way back in 1976 for the first time, back then there was no Paranormal Investigation Teams etc.. Bachelor's Grove to me, was what is was to many, just good teenage spooky fun. I could claim that my Paranormal interests and study goes back that far, but I would be lying to you and my self. As the only resource about Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, goes back to the Chicago Paranormal Legend, Mr. Richard Crowe and like many, we would hear about the legend of Bachelors Grove when he would appear on the radio.

A lot has changed since that time back in 1976, I will be written about in two more books about the Paranormal this year, and one will include what I have to say and photos on Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, as the author came to me about a year ago. That makes a total of four paranormal books that authors about the paranormal have included me in, and I'm not even a Paranormal Investigator, but have lived my whole life in the Chicago land areas most haunted and active areas. But I have been given the title of 'Paranormal Spirit Observer' and I also do Conscious Channeling / Medium work and Psychic Readings. Also I work with Historical Societies that have haunted locations, like Mansions, a Senator's house etc..

For more photos, video tours and articles, go to my large paranormal web site:
The Unexplained World

For our Internet Radio Show - The Unexplained World with over 3 1/2 years of broadcasting, go to: The Unexplained World Internet radio show.

For information about Haunted Historic Locations and Tours, go to: Haunted Historic

For information on me, my public entertaining Psychic Readings, entertaining Psychic Parties and more of what I can do and the articles I have written that have been published, go to my personal web site: Edward

I will be appearing at the one and only Chicago Ghost Conference on Saturday Oct. 3rd, 2009 and I will be doing readings and talking about the paranormal, for more details go to: Chicago Ghost Conference (general admission is just $10).

Enjoy the Video Below - Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Tour.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Edward Shanahan - Chicago Psychic - Readings in Berwyn, IL Thursday Night.

Thursday Aug. 27th - Psychic Readings at the
Cigars & Stripes -
From 7pm / Midnight

6715 W. Ogden Ave. Berwyn, IL

No set fee - just a gift offering.

For details on the type of Readings Edward Shanahan does,
go to

Edward Shanahan is a Chicago Psychic Reader that has been
written about in two books and a third coming out in 2009.

He has been in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune's Red Eye Newspaper 'Best Bet' section, Time Out Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune's Weekend section, Southtown Star Newspaper, News Harold Newspapers, WTTW TV, Orland Park Prairie Newspaper and other local papers.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Unexplained World - Internet re-broadcast, Mastor of Tarot, Scott Grossberg.

On Sunday night the 23rd of August, Scott Grossberg was the guest on The Unexplained World with Annette and Edward Shanahan.

Mr. Grossberg is the Author of The Masks of Tarot and creator of Oracle cards.

Listen to the re-broadcast below. Also on Sept. 1st, an additional broadcast of The Unexplained World starts and will be Paranormal open lines.

More details at:

Hear the re-broadcast here:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chicago Paranormal Newsletter / August Updates.

Hello Readers,

I'm posting the recent newsletter that
was sent out to the Haunted Historic
Locations, subscribers with info on
the Chicago land area. It covers the
Paranormal and Public Psychic Reading
locations in the Chicago area.

You can subscribe at:

Ed Shanahan

Hello Subscribers,

I would like to welcome all the new
Subscribers to the Haunted Historic
Locations Newsletter. Dates and locations
listed below for the Chicago land area.

Also I would like to inform you that this
newsletter also covers the public locations
that I will be doing Readings at.

Let me say here, a very large 'Thank You'
from me (and also Anna of The Stag's Head),
to all who turned out last Saturday for our
night at The Stag's Head and also the
Humphrey House. It was a 'Great' turnout.

I believe many experienced things going
on either in the building or the woods over
at The Stag's Head. Many with their cameras.

Also don't forget to send me photos...

I know a few people had some interesting
stuff (those that the photos remained on
their cameras).

As I said Saturday night, it was like being
back home again, being at The Stag's Head.

A special Thank You to Anna and her staff
at The Stag's Head, and the trouble they went
through to make it comfortable and make it
all work out.

To Lisa, who got her first taste of being on
my left side during my Circle of Energy, yes
it is a bit intense. To Mary and Tina for
providing their knowledge for all to experience.

Also the Humphrey House and the Historians
there, for opening the doors for us that night.

As you know, I did not have a chance to do the
short 'Old Soul / Young Soul readings this night,
I'm sorry about that, but as you seen, I was busy
from start to finish. We will attempt that at a
later date, also planning on going back to
The Stag's Head.. I will inform you of the
date when they are set.

Also anyone interested in a Private Reading,
I will do them for you at The Stag's Head,
as it is only minutes from my home and they
are friendly. Just e-mail me below with your

All the web sites have been up-dated to include
the dates and information that I have right now
for what is coming up.

There are only about 8 spots left for Halloween
Night at the Joliet Mansion. Remember we
also have Saturday Oct. 17th planned.

Also we have: A Haunted Night With Senator
Humphrey and Family on Sept.26th.

And much more, including where I will be doing
public Readings.

Details below...

If you need to e-mail me, do so at
my web site at:

Have a great month.

Ed Shanahan

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday August 23rd
The Unexplained World
Internet Radio Show
9-10pm central @

Scott Grossberg, Master Tarot Reader
and Author of The Masks of Tarot, returns.

Join Annette and I and Mr. Grossberg will
be doing readings for callers.

Public Psychic Readings:
(web page of details):

Thursday August 27th.
Cigars and Stripes
6715 W. Ogden Ave
Berwyn, IL

No set fee, just a gift offering.
This will be my Reading in the
Round, an entertaining night.
7pm - midnight.

I will also do my Conscious Channeling
with items of your loved ones who passed
away (and have been doing it without items).

Sunday August 30th.
Readings at the Victorian
Scutt Mansion. 1pm - 4pm.
206 N. Broadway Street
Joliet, IL 60435

Private Readings and also a
Tour of this Haunted Mansion by
the Historians and a Victorian Tea

Readings are $20 for up to 1/2 hour.
I will also do my Conscious Channeling
with an item of your loved ones who passed
away (and have been doing it without items).

Tour and Tea party is $10 to the Historians.
You do not need to have a reading to do the
tour and tea party. But the readings do require
the tour etc..

The type of readings I do - details at:

Paranormal Dates....

You can see all the details (so far), at:

Each Paranormal date even has it's web page of
full details - so remember to click the link
for the full details on the web page above.

* Sept. 26th - Saturday Night 8pm -11pm or longer.
A Haunted Night with Senator Humphrey and Family.
A Paranormal Experience.

This will include a Séance in the parlor / wake room.
Limited to the amount of people.
Details at:

* Oct. 17th - Saturday Night 8pm - Midnight.
A Night in The Mansion - The Haunted Joliet Mansion.
A Haunted Experience.

This will include a Séance at the end of the night.
Details at:

* Oct. 31st - Saturday Halloween Night. 8pm - Midnight.
1st Halloween Night since the death in the building.

This will be a one of a kind night, reasons why are
explained on the web page.. almost 1/2 full now.
Details at:

All the dates above are now listed on event sites and
no longer just those receiving this newsletter, as in the
past. So reserve your spot and I'm even allowing 1/2
down to do so.

* Both locations above for just you and a group of
friends, min 10 people, you can have either location
just for you and your friends for a Psychic or
Paranormal night at the same price listed on the
web page above. Also includes the Readings etc..

For details - visit the web page:

Just e-mail me if interested at the web site.

* Also booking Psychic House Parties
for Sept and beyond. Visit my web
site for details.
e-mail me if your interested in having one.

Happy Hauntings,

Ed Shanahan

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scott Grossberg, Master Tarot Reader on The Unexplained World radio broadcast Sunday Aug 23rd

Sunday Night, Aug 23rd on
The Unexplained World,
Internet radio broadcast at 9pm central
(set a reminder there now).

Mr. Scott Grossberg, Master Tarot Reader,
Author of The Masks of Tarot, will be joining
Annette and I again for an entertaining show.

Talking about his recent project and doing some
readings for callers.

Join us at 9pm central Sunday night at:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Halloween Night Since Death In Building.

On Halloween night, the previous owner would always celebrate with a very large party.

Since his death, which took place in the home in the Joliet, IL area, no living individual has ever entered the location at night on All Hallows' Eve, until now.

Are you interested in being one
who does?

Details at:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Haunted Historic Landmarks in Chicago area for you and friends to explore all year long.

Two Haunted Historic Landmark Locations in the Chicago land area for you and your family or friends to explore and experience the paranormal all year long.

One being an Orland Park Historic Landmark and Senator's home and the other being a Joliet Historic Landmark Victorian Mansion. Both buildings dating back to the 1800's, both buildings part of their area's Historical Societies. Both buildings having been documented as being haunted by Investigation teams and presented as such in local newspapers and on the Internet.

The Scutt Mansion in Joliet IL,
Since it was built in the 1800's, Two past owners have died at the mansion. At least two documented murders committed inside the mansion. Two children in the building next door found dead after
a fire and one may be the little girl that at times makes it known that she is there.

Spirits tied to the rooms of Victorian Antiques from the furnished basement to the very top floor. A room lined with just dolls dating back to the 1800's looking at you as you enter the doll room. The Pipe Organ Dance Room. Orbs seen in total darkness without flash or lighting and what you feel from room to room, floor to floor and at times what individuals see and hear wandering the halls.

Senator John Humphrey house was built in 1881 and did remain in the family, until his youngest son turned it over to the Orland Park, IL Historical Society. The house was a home to Mr. Humphrey's many children and two wives. The house also was the home to the deaths of some and the wakes, as family members would be waked in the living room of the family home and among the living in the house.

From the upstairs children's playroom to the living room and at times the basement, Spirits have been felt and strange things caught on camera in Senator's Humphrey House, including what many feel is at times is Mr. Humphrey. The Humphrey Family also has a very strong tie to the famous haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. Even some of the Historians wonder out loud if the first Mrs. Humphrey may be the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery?

Both buildings, now homes to Spirits and paranormal activity, are now open for you and your group of family members and friends to explore and experience at night as a group, on a night the building of your choice is not booked. You will first receive a historical tour by the Historians of the building of your choice.

Then Edward Shanahan a Paranormal Spiritual Psychic Feeler will take you on a journey of the paranormal side of the haunted historic location that you desire to explore and experience. Also during the night, Mr. Shanahan will provide for those who bring items of their loved ones who have passed away (rings, watches, reading glasses etc..), he will attempt to do Conscious Channeling for you, to connect with the love ones. This is done as 'Reading In The Round' for all to hear and Mr. Shanahan has been doing this for four years in public and private settings, including Psychic Parties.

The night will end with a Seance performed by Mr. Shanahan and an attempt to make contact with what is possibly beyond the veil at either location or lurking around you.

Edward Shanahan has already been written about in two paranormal books for what he does with his abilities and two more books that are coming out in 2009 will also carry information about him and his finding with the paranormal side of the Chicago land area.

For more details on having an Entertaining Paranormal Night at either haunted historical landmarks or Psychic Party, for six to fourteen individuals, you can contact Edward Shanahan at his web site:

More details on these two locations can be found along with if a group is something you cannot put together, the dates that these two locations are holding paranormal nights that are open to individuals who sign-up in advance, all the details are at:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Entertaining Psychic Readings and Parties / Chicago area with Shanahan

A Chicago Psychic who has been written about in another new paranormal book coming out in Sept / Oct, making it now three Paranormal Books he has been in and another author requesting him to be in their book about Psychics.

Edward Shanahan is a Chicago area Psychic Reader and Channeler / Medium. He has been written about in two paranormal books and a third coming out in 2009. Produced in 2003 and 2004 the Chicago area cable TV show 'The Unexplained World'. Host of the Internet radio 'The Unexplained World' with his co-host Annette and the show has now been broadcasting for over three and a half years.

Edward Shanahan has been mentioned and written about in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune's Red Eye Newspaper 'Best Bet' section, Time Out Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune's Weekend section, Southtown Star Newspaper, News Harold Newspapers, WTTW TV, Orland Park Prairie Newspaper and other local papers.

Personal Psychic Readings / Conscious Channeling / A Paranormal Spiritual Observer / Haunted Locations / Entertaining Psychic House Parties / Readings In The Round.

More people are having Ed Shanahan for Entertaining Psychic House Parties! From Allison in April 2009 - "Thank you Ed. We had a great time, you were a big hit!"

As he Reads all those present and Channels with all involved with what he calls his Readings in the Round and it has become an entertaining part of his Psychic House Parties. He has also done it on stage at night clubs. Also as other Psychics do at house parties, Ed will do private readings or combination of both Psychic Readings in the Round and Private Readings.

Type of Psychic
Readings by Edward Shanahan:
He starts with doing a Palm Reading and goes as far as even telling the individual if they are an old soul or young soul and explains the difference. He then goes to Personal Psychometry Readings, this is when he puts the individuals hand between both of his hands and he attempts to tap into their energy and connect with the inner child inside the individual, to describe the individual and what may be going on with them, including their past, present and future. This is also best for personal answers by way of the One on One Psychometry.

Then if individuals bring items of a loved one who has passed away, Edward will do Spiritual Conscious Channeling / Medium work, and that is a reading done with items of a love one who has passed away.

So if you attend a location he is doing readings at, bring items of a loved one who has passed away with you. Edward recommends items like rings, watches, glasses etc.. stuff that they would of wore and picked up their energy.

Recent Articles on the Internet about Edward Shanahan:
# 1 Paranormal News Examiner
. - # 2 Paranormal News Examiner..- Orland Park Prairie Newspaper.

Upcoming Public Readings - Locations:
View upcoming Dates - here

To contact Edward Shanahan, you can e-mail him at
his web site at: Edward

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday Night's Paranormal Radio Broadcast..

Sunday August 9th
The Unexplained World
Internet Radio Show
9-10pm central @

3 Paranormal Guests this night:
Charlie - Historian for the Haunted
Scutt Mansion in Joliet.
Ronn - Owner of the Cigars & Stripes
a haunted location in Berwyn.
John S. Mr. Bachelor's Grove returns.

Join Annette and Ed Shanahan, plus guest
host Michelle who roamed the Scutt Mansion
with Charlie.